Our mission as a school is to provide our community with the best possible primary education, with avenues for individual talents to thrive and grow.  Our motto, ‘Growing Minds’, highlights our mission; to develop students who question and investigate the world around them, developing the skills to help them navigate a future unknown in an ever-changing world.

Wangala, a Wadawurrung word meaning ‘to make right’, is deeply committed to providing each individual their own pathway to develop and create their own ‘right’.  This is reflected across our school through the individual learning goals each student has in their ‘next steps’ in learning, to the specialist programs we provide.

Our values for learning are embedded in the things we do.  

  • We encourage caring individuals through the way we interact with each other as set out in our ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix’, to the programs we provide, such as our ‘Hands on Learning’ program. 
  • We encourage all to be respectful in the things we say and do.  Respect for self, for others, for the world around us are all key to ensuring our students interact positively in our world. 
  • We encourage students to be community minded.  This not only relates to our local school community of staff, students and parents/carers, but also in the wider community where we strive to be actively involved and giving.
  • We encourage future focused thinking.  This begins with ensuring our students have a growth mindset and a ‘yet’ attitude, meaning we can’t do it ‘yet’.  Our curriculum is built around providing opportunities for our students to develop problem-solving skills and the skills to inquire.