School Uniform Policy


To require students to wear the prescribed school uniform which encompasses attractive and functional clothing and encourages a sense of belonging and pride in our school.


  1. As ratified by School Council, the wearing of school uniform by students is considered compulsory School policy.
  2. The range and choice of specified garments, their cost and availability will reflect the capacity of our families to provide them. The uniform will ensure students’ comfort and safety whilst engaging in school activities.

Acceptable school uniform will consist of an appropriate combination of the following:


  • Grey and white check dress
  • Black shorts/skorts
  • Black tights (to be worn under the school dress, winter only) no leggings
  • Yellow short/long sleeve polo shirt (with or without logo)
  • Black windcheater (with or without logo) No hoodies
  • Black bonded jacket with school logo
  • Black micro fleece jacket without logo
  • Black tracksuit/school pants
  • Black/white socks
  • School broad brimmed hat
  • Headbands or scarves which are black or yellow.
  • Grade 6 students will be given the opportunity to purchase special graduation windcheaters in school colors, to be ordered with payment at the commencement of each school year.


  1. For health and safety reasons, earrings (other than studs or sleepers), thongs, open toe shoes or sandals and singlets, are not allowed. Necklaces (for religious purposes only) are to be worn under clothing and children may be requested to remove them whilst playing sports.
  2. All clothing must be of reasonable and clean condition. Torn or ripped clothing must be mended, patched or replaced as appropriate.
  3. Some team game uniforms will be supplied by the school for interschool sport. NB. Soccer, Football, Netball.

Students are encouraged to wear runners during sports and P.E. Football or soccer boots are only to be worn during game times.

  1. All children are expected to wear full school uniform for excursions / functions outside the school.
  2. All uniform clothing worn by children should be clearly named.
  3. Lowes are the uniform supplier and all items will be order through the school. Every 3 years School Council will re-tender to select suppliers to promote competition from other suppliers.
  • A school uniform pricelist will be sent home to all families twice a year
  • A manageable supply of school hats will be available for purchase from the school office.


The following consequences will be enforced if students are not wearing correct uniform in line with our Uniform Policy.

1st Incident:           Warning will be given to student.

2nd Incident:          A note will be sent home to parents.

3rd Incident:          Parents will be contacted and an explanation will be required.