Bullying is any deliberate behaviour (physical, verbal or non-verbal) that threatens the physical, social or emotional wellbeing of an individual or group.


To manage, educate and provide preventative strategies for students with regard to bullying behaviour. The school will provide a positive culture where bullying is not accepted.


  • Everyone within the school community agrees they will not tolerate bullying.
  • The school community will be alert to signs of bullying and will be responsible for reporting incidents to staff.
  • Parental and peer-group support will be sought at all times.
  • The safety of students and staff will be paramount.
  • This policy forms part of the Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy.
  • The ESmart committee/School council will monitor the effectiveness of the policy.


  • Parents, teachers and the community will be made aware that the school will not tolerate bullying.
  • The school will embed anti-bullying strategies across all curriculum areas and in school activities.
  • Each teacher will discuss with their students the anti-bullying policy at the start of each year.
  • Our School Rules will be continually reinforced and discussed.
  • Students will be encouraged to report incidents of bullying.
  • Parents are to be encouraged to report any concerns to the school.
  • A place where a student may seek safety or a person they feel safe with will be identified.
  • The Attitudes to School Survey will be conducted in year 5 & 6 and results discussed and analysed.
  • Incidents of bullying will be managed appropriately and monitored, in accordance with the School Engagement and Wellbeing and Behaviour Management policies. This may include:
    • Withdrawal of privileges
    • Exclusion from class
    • Exclusion from the yard
    • Ongoing counselling for both bully and victim
    • If bullying is ongoing, parents are contacted and consequences implemented in line with the school Engagement and Wellbeing Policy.
    • School Suspension.
  • Cyber bulling is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Ongoing information regarding bullying will be provided to the community.



This policy will be reviewed annually in Term 1.